Welcome to PartnerVine! PartnerVine is a common portal for law firms to sell their legal products. Law firms are building spectacular software and we're bringing that software to you directly online. 

We're currently selling issue navigators and automated documents under US and Swiss law.

  • Issue navigators take you through a questionnaire to provide you an analysis of a legal risk. ComplianceHR's Navigator OT is a good example of an issue navigator. Prepared with input from Littler, the largest employment law firm in the US, Navigator OT analyzes the risk that your employee will be subject to overtime rules in 50 states in the US. After going through the questionnaire, you'll receive a summary risk analysis, the reasons for that analysis, and things you can do to mitigate risk. Getting the benefit of deep expertise from a short questionnaire is what makes software such a powerful tool.
  • Automated documents take you through a questionnaire to generate a first draft of a contract, and both PricewaterhouseCoopers A.G. and Meyerlustenberger Lachenal A.G. are selling automated documents. PwC's inter-company loan agreement under Swiss law is a good example of an automated document. PwC's inter-company loan agreement takes you through a questionnaire, asking you to input your corporate information and helping you with the questions PwC would start with if they were putting together the contract. You'll get a solid first draft which works for many companies, including running through PwC's standard checklist of issues and avoiding the typos that get generated when you draft a document in Word. 

We're selling our products on an unbundled basis. You can pick and choose what you want, and pay as you go. There's nothing like that anywhere around the globe. Currently, you can ask for a document from your favorite lawyer, but the quid pro quo is that you'll engage them for hefty fees somewhere down the line. With our participating firms, you get their VIP software sold at a fair price. It's a good deal. 

Working with software on PartnerVine is a faster, easier way to work and involves less hassle. You don't have to talk to partners in law firms. You get products at a fraction of what you'd pay to get a law firm to do the same job, and that's a serious value proposition for our customers. You also enhance the productivity of the junior members of your team by pairing them with specialized software. 

The software law firms are selling on PartnerVine is powered by ComplianceHR (which is a joint venture between Littler and Neota Logic) and Exari. They are doing a fantastic job with their software and have been tremendously supportive of PartnerVine's mission. Any firm that endorses the open innovation embodied by PartnerVine deserves our thanks, and a heartfelt commendation for the support. Exari has recently been purchased by Coupa, so we are happy to have Coupa on board. 

We're offering products under US and Swiss law at the moment. You can expect to see more products and products from other jurisdictions in coming months. 

If you have any feedback, please let us know what you think. We're here to make your jobs easier.  

Thank you for the support!

Your PartnerVine Team